One of the best ways to treat problematic teeth is with a dental crown. A dental crown, or dental cap, can be used to treat a broad range of dental issues, such as covering stains, fixing chips or cracks, and restoring decay or damage. Besides restoring and enhancing a tooth’s appearance, dental crowns also strengthen the tooth and protects it from further damage.

One big difference between dental crowns and other dental restorations, such as white fillings, is that a crown treats the entire tooth. This means that once the decayed or damaged section of the tooth is removed, the crown covers the entire visible portion of the tooth’s surface. For this reason, dental crowns are often used for more serious forms of decay or damage.

Dental crowns can be constructed from a number of different materials, including gold alloy, porcelain/ceramic, or a mixture of these substances. Dynasty Tower Dental in North York on Yonge and Finch can help you to choose the appropriate type of crown for your situation.